Grange Camp Begins!

Grange camp kicked off this past Sunday at Eastern 4-H Center, with over 90 campers. Everyone was able to get moved in and acquainted with fellow campers and counselors  on Sunday.


Hampton Trexler shoots a bow and arrow during archery

Monday was the first full day of camp, and while everyone was excited to get going, the afternoon brought thunderstorms and heavy downpours. No one let it get their spirits down though… campers improvised with games and spending time working on their skits in the conference center. Thankfully, the storms cleared in time for dinner, and everyone’s favorite… Great Grange Challenge! As usual, campers were covered in soap, shaving cream, and mud… so the evening swim for the youth afterwards was refreshing!


Youth enjoy night swim after Great Grange Challenge

Today (Tuesday), campers woke up with Youth Team member, Hannah Bright & Junior Team member, Rylee Gray doing jumping jacks after flag raising. The morning brought lots of heat, but it didn’t stop the juniors from archery and canoeing, and the youth from the climbing wall challenge! Each team selected their top climbers and they were all timed on their climbs. These scores go towards the Battle by the Bay challenge! This afternoon, campers prepped for model Grange on Thursday night and completed more challenges!

Look for another update on Thursday!

grange camp blog

Left: Lillie Griffin boulders around the perimeter of the rock wall Right: Junior group pink, fills their buckets during the Great Grange Challenge

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