Camp Continues!

From: Margie Griffin, Youth Team member


A big HELLO from the Grangers at Grange Camp!
We have been busy this week! Right now we are relaxing a bit before
we go out on our next big adventure.

camp blog-1003

Archery Challenge!

Tuesday was quite the adventure! We started the day with breakfast
and some camp songs and we ended it with our THEME NIGHT!!! We asked
everyone to come dressed as an adventurer of their own choice, and
boy, did they deliver! We had a large variety of adventure themed
outfits everywhere from movie characters to hikers and superheroes.
Our Youth Leadership Team even came dressed up as Peter Pan and his
Lost Boys. While our Junior Grangers went to bed our Youth stayed up
and learned a few fancy square-dancing moves.

camp blog-1001

Campers dressed for theme night!

Wednesday our Juniors spent the day doing community service
activities and kayaking in the sound while the Youth worked together
on a few of our many Battle By the Bay challenges. Throughout the
week, every team has worked hard to create a short skit which we
debuted on Wednesday night. Skit night was a blast and every team
showed up with a well thought-out and creative skit. We are so proud
of all of our teams!

camp blog-1002

Thursday morning breakfast!

We are so excited for the rest of the week! On Thursday night we will
present our Model Grange drills and on Friday night we will have our
Awards Ceremony!  We are looking forward to all of this, but at the
same time we hope Grange Camp will never end! We are all making so
many new friends while reacquainting with old ones at the same time.
Anyway, we are about to head off on our next Big Adventure so,
Grangers Out!!!!

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