What Will Happen to Health Care?

After years of Republicans stating their desire to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, so far they have been unable to reach an agreement on what to replace it with.  The happy people are those on employer paid plans and those with coverage that is subsidized by the government.  Others are seeing higher insurance premiums, and higher deductibles leading to more out-of-pocket costs.  The costs for employers that offer plans are also increasing.  Insurance company expense is increasing as they pay doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies.  It is a very difficult and complicated problem.

When the Affordable Health Care Act was passed, it was done so by the prevailing party which were the Democrats.  The Republicans opposed the bill.  It was flawed legislation and we are now seeing the problems with this law.  Now the prevailing Republican party is attempting to craft new legislation with the Democrats dissenting.  If the Republicans find a way to reach an agreement, it very well could turn out to be more flawed legislation.

Both parties need to put their political differences aside and work together so that all ideas are placed on the table for consideration.  Our citizens deserve the best legislation possible while maintaining fiscal responsibility.  Working together is the only way this will happen.  Our representatives were not elected to represent Congressional leadership nor the President.  Their job is to represent us, and to provide high quality legislation.  I fully realize as I write this that both parties are not likely to come together, but they should!


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