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December~Endings & Beginnings

December is always a busy month. It is a time for tying up the year’s end, but also a time to look forward to the New Year. It is so nice to plan well and get a jump start on what you hope to accomplish in the year to come. The end of this year has been incredibly busy so far. Last week I attended the Statewide Food Council Gathering. It was held in Bermuda Run at Winmock which is an absolutely beautiful venue and very apropos for a Food Council Gathering.  I am a new member of the NC Local Food Council so everything was a new experience. Most of us are aware of the “local food movement”. Whether it is a billboard on the interstate or a picture in your grocery market, “buy local” is everywhere. For those of us involved in agriculture it is important that we have a seat at the table in this movement. It was a great two days. The two entities that planned the gathering, Community Food Strategies and the Local Food Council of North Carolina did an amazing job of planning interesting workshops and hosting interesting speakers. It also was a great networking opportunity. I was very happy to be there and to represent the NC State Grange.


This week I attended Congressman David Price’s “Listening Session”, which was held in Hillsborough just west of Chapel Hill. Congressman Price holds this session annually to hear concerns around North Carolina agriculture issues. I saw many of the same people I saw last week at the Food Council Gathering. Congressman Price represents the 4th District which covers much of Wake and Orange Counties.



This morning I was asked by “The New American Economy” to attend a press conference to speak on the importance of reform of the H2A Guest Worker program. Representatives Chris Malone and David Lewis spoke as well as Business leaders in the Tech industry. We all voiced our concerns about the urgent need for a less costly, more streamlined guest worker. Once again, I was very proud to represent the NC State Grange and speak on behalf of our famers. Please see this link for more information on the New American Economy.




I always look forward to attending the Annual NC Free Enterprise Leadership Luncheon every year. It is festive and great to see General Assembly members as well as fellow lobbyists. Today’s recognized leaders were Rep. Ken Goodman, Speaker Tim Moore, Sen. Joel Ford, Sen. Brent Jackson, (pictured above) Sec. of Commerce-Tony Copeland and Lt. Governor Dan Forest. The one issue that stood out was the need rural North Carolina has for jobs and industry. These are issues that the Grange is always concerned about. 


So….after a busy 2 weeks, I look forward tonight to meeting our Capitol Grange members for our annual Christmas Gathering and the fun and fellowship it always brings! Merry, Merry Christmas!!


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