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January~A Time for Beginnings

The morning is probably my favorite time of the day. On this particular January 4th morning we woke up to a beautiful light snowfall. No ice, just snow and no ice is unusual in our area. Usually with Raleigh snowfalls come ice and sleet. The temperatures have been record breaking cold–temperatures that have not sustained this kind of low in a century.  It has been a great week to stay in and catch up on work that took a backseat during the holidays.

For many of us January is a time for starting anew; exercise more, lose weight, eat healthier, get up earlier, spend less money, the list goes on and on. Thank goodness for January; it gives us the chance to at least make an attempt to be more disciplined. So it is I am sure for our members of Congress and our North Carolina General Assembly. They all want to make a difference, to move things along, but somehow they all seem unable to do so in a productive and efficient manner. Congress is back to work this week struggling and haggling over the National budget. If a decision is not agreed to by January 19th, the Federal Government faces a shutdown. This is not a new phenomenon. The last time it happened was October 1st through the 16th in 2013 during the Obama administration. It seems a line is always drawn between the Republican members and the Democrat members, holding each other’s primary interest hostage until a compromise can be made. For the Democrats this go round it seems is more domestic spending, and for the Republicans as reported by Politico, “The President wants a two-year budget deal that provides realistic budget caps, and provides certainty for our national security,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Tuesday. “That’ll be the focus, front and center, for the conversations that are taking place this week.”  It is predicted that another CR (Continuing Resolution) will be passed to extend the budget through President’s Day. We will see…

The North Carolina General Assembly will continue their “long-minisessions” on January  10th to possibly take up HB 403 (Behavioral Health & Medicaid Modifications),  Judicial Redistricting, veto overrides, GenX contamination, constitutional amendments, budget adjustments and appointments to state boards. Meanwhile oversight and interim committees have continued to meet during the General Assembly recess.

Get a great start to 2018 and work on that self-discipline!  Happy New Year!!

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